Rekuna Dreams

A letter to my father


Hello. My apologies to the family. I know it has been some time since I have written you or been home. I am well and have kept up with my training. It is my hope that the new dojos are doing well. I have heard that you open a 3rd and I’d enjoy a chance to come see it. I know that training new recruits is taxing as I am currently teaching a single recruit of my own; but if anyone can make a fighting force to help those truly in need, it is you. I hope to see some of your new warriors working for myself and my Diamyo in the future.

My duties to my Diamyo have taken most of my time, as you have always said they would, Father. I fight for and protect the “Emperor” (although he’d never let me call him that) and his people in their cause. This is a great man. He is the one that helped us to start the training facilities. I believe, deeply, that this man and those I have sworn to protect, while unorthodox in their practices, have a purpose. A noble one at that. They hope to police a larger area of the ’verse to contain and destroy the evil our people strive to stop at home.

I struggle with the moral choices that arise here daily. I meditated on the things that I do for this cause that give me reason to worry about my own morality. The missions I have sent men on. And, more importantly, the aberrations that were treated as allies. For God’s sakes, I have met Ninja that I have come to respect, albeit begrudgingly. And I see the choices faced by my men daily. The ways they try to fight their on personal demons. And the things they do to make their fights easier.

Father, my Master has offered improvements to help his men be better warriors. “Cybernetics” they are called; robotic parts they use on the flesh of a warrior to improve thier capabilities. It has even eaten away at some of my faith. Day after day, I am put in charge of more and more men; each with an ever increasing number of cybernetics. These men amaze me with their enhanced capabilities: jump great heights, lift the heaviest of items, “think” just to operate or computer systems. These improvements are overpoweringly mighty and enhance my men’s natural abilities, without taking away their personality and (I use their word) humanity. I have resisted doing this for a long time. And, day after day, I wonder if I am becoming obsolete to my master.

I know our families view on such things. “Material goods come and go; The only tool you need is yourself.” And while I have agreed with this teaching all of my life, I’m beginning to question it.

How can I truly dedicate my life and service to this Diamyo if I am not willing to make myself even better than my natural talents? You trained me as both a warrior and an wise slyvren. I was taught that I am nothing without making decisions using both minds. And while I still respect fully the traditions of our family, I feel as though I need to improve upon my flesh to be able to truly protect those I serve. For once since my training has been over, I am of 2 minds.

I want you and the rest of the family to understand that this decision has been left up to me. I was not ordered by my Master to have the changes. Were that the case, this would be a very different letter. He has left this choice open to all of his retainers. He created these devices himself, or has had men he trusts do so. And I have been reassured by the doctor robot that no one would notice the changes to my body.

Father, I have meditated on this for days. I want the advise of not only another slyvren, but of the one member of my race that contact my ancestors. It is my request that during your daily meditation, you ask those that have fallen in battle what they would do given the circumstances. Do I give up my family traditions to better serve my charges? Or stay true to our legacy? I am at an impasse. I hope that you will see the truth in this matter, no matter what that truth truly is. I await your response and will act according to the wisdom of our family.

With the deepest concerns, Visagi Mataharu

P.S. Give my love to mother and my sisters. tell them I miss them all.
P.P.S. Inform my brothers that the eldest will be coming home soon.



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