Rekuna Dreams

Captain's Log

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The past few weeks have been hectic to say the very least. With Gizel working exclusively on the betterment of Oberon Corp., he’s left me in charge of The Voice, the crew, and the day to day details of running the ship. Sometimes, I wonder what the crew thinks of me being in charge. I’m doing my best to protect everyone and make decisions that benefit the company as a whole as well as trying to manage some of the personal relationships that started off on the wrong foot.

We have several new crew members too. Getting to know these new faces has proved quite a challenge. Zane, one of Davidson’s personal Black-ops informants, has been put under my command. I get the feeling he doesn’t know where to start with us. He’s used to blending in with people he ultimately will betray and I think that might hinder the growth of trust amongst the crew. If I can integrate him fully into the group I know he will prove an invaluable asset to gathering information.

Shiki, a Union experimental construct, is way more intelligent than I think any of us give him credit for. He’s a blend of canine and human, with the disposition of a loyal dog. He requires patience to talk to, but I think if we can get him to settle down and listen for more than five seconds without teleporting to some other part of the ship chasing after the “squeaky”, as he calls his red rubber ball, that has the same power of teleportation he does, we might be able to give him a more structured life that shows him he is not just a pet.

Yu-Kage, the cause of no small amount of unrest on Visagi’s behalf, has been assigned to be my guardian picked by Gizel’s hand. Her ability to travel to the ethereal realm and to fight those who inhabit it is greatly needed, but I fear Visagi’s prejudice towards the ninja is hindering her ability to do so.

We discovered the cause of the disappearances on Vesla Prime, it seems a small hive of undead mindflayers in an abandoned mine shaft was controlling bone golems and sending them through the ethereal plane to capture the souls and bodies of the populace. I believe the problem is dealt with, as the mine collapsed on both the ethereal and the material planes. That was a good use of one of the missiles aboard The Voice.

And now to the pressing matter at hand, Davidson… We found him. He has been in hiding in the Bileian system this whole time. An underground facility on one of the smaller ice planets in the system that sustains a breathable atmosphere. Gizel plans to bring Davidson and Blackburn into his Independent Defense Force and give them control of the technology and resources to stop this god-driven war between the Union and the Empirum. Hopefully, the other Independent systems will see this as it is meant to be and not just another faction.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to go around the ship and do a tune-up. It might clear my mind a little bit and let me focus on things a bit better. I miss my research, but a Captain has other things to do than tinker with toys.

End Log



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