Rekuna Dreams

File 01

Message from Yellow

Accessing Directory “unknown/missions/mission01.txt”

Retrieving Files

Returning Files Found
—> mission01.txt

Opening Space Text File “mission01”

I Figured it would be useful if I sent over a list of the Locations the Unknowns requested you investigate do to the scanned presence of the Black Pyramids. Remember the events of Haven 9 in the Antilae System when searching, we do not what these event to occur again. We also are unsure if these events will also lead to the creation of more Star (preferably) or Sun (horrifyingly) Dragons.

The Locations we need you to look into are located all over the Rekuna Galaxy, in each of the factions owned space. Be careful, and use of your Rekuna Ranger membership may prove to be extremely useful, and allow you to pass into each of these territories.

Investigate: the Gano System in Empirum Space, Nerspool in Union Space, Solarii in Coalition Space, and finally Ebaris in Neutral Space

Yellow, Data Diver
-Member of the Unknowns-



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