Rekuna Dreams


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Accessing Directory “public/updates/missionLog”

Retrieving Files

Returning Files Found
—> missionLog.txt

Opening Space Text File “MissionLog”

Investigation (Black Pyramids Missions): the Gano System in Empirum Space, Nerspool in Union Space, and finally Ebaris in Neutral Space. This mission has been given to you by the Unknowns, Yellow placed a file on our system as a way for us to track our progress.

Investigation (Tsochar Reality Invasion): The Unknowns Mentioned that there could be pockets of tsochar in the same places as the Black Pyramids. Recent update to this information, there are suspicions of tsochar infestations in the Geda System (Empirum Space), the Moxyu System (Coalition Space), and the Lerdon System (Union Space)

Investigation (Rekuna Corp. Board Members): Zane has been charged with looking into Identities of the Rekuna Corp. Board of Directors. Currently All Identities are unkwnown, and the only persons with a high enough “clearance” would be the Board themselves and the CEO

Investigate ( Divine Connections): After Conversing with the god of magic (Boccob), it was realized that all beings in this Realty possess a Divine Connection. It may be wise to further research and Investigate each persons Divine link and find ways to harness this… Creation (Independent Defense Force): Oberon still needs to go speak with various Neutral Space Leaders in order to see if any are interested in joining or helping the founding of the Independent Defense Force . Further work needs to be done in the process of Bringing Davidson and Blackburn into the Leadership positions of the IDF.

Research (Element Alpha): Further Research Element Alpha and what can be done with this new Technology… Divine Connection Research may help with this.

Research (Quicksilver Drive): Synthesize Quicksilver, Research Containment Unit, Build Quicksilver Drive. (Locations for Havesting Ioun Stone, Process Ioun Stone into Containment Unit)
Algedi System – Location for Harvesting Ioun Stone, the Karn Idoun are a local race that seems to Harvest this material. There are also whispers of a race new to the galaxy called the Eleti…

Construction (Spaceport: Nikdan System): Oberon Corp has almost completed the building process for the companies new Spaceport and has begun building a paired up Jump Gate.

Rebuild (Lazarus’s old Base): Take ownership of this old Empirum Military base officially, and convert it to use for Oberon Corp’s. Resources.

-Oberon Corp Mentat-



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