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Oberon Corp. Escort Class Policy & Procedures

Together We Make a Better Ship

Gizel Tirel, CEO Oberon Corp.
3851.44.1 14:53

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To all Crew,

Due to recent events aboard the Voice, I have come to the conclusion that the vessel’s current ‘Standard Star Ship Operating Procedures’ are in need of amendment. Previously all activities other than general mission directives from Oberon have been left to the discretion of the captain and crew. It has been my belief that this policy allowed for greater creative freedom and would result an in increased input of ideas in the decision making process. Although there has been some success in this regard, it has become apparent that in a ship of this size a more defined set of guidelines needs to be established. As (1) certain voices that should be given more weight have not been fully recognized, (2) the level of current input has stemmed the ship’s capacity to react in a timely and efficient manner, and (3) an absence of consistency in approaching similar situations has resulted in a lack of operational refinement and success.

As CEO it is my responsibility not only ensure the financial success of the company, but to facilitate a functional, equitable, and pleasant working environment for all employees. In this regard there has been a lack of attention lately. In order to address these issues the company will be instituting the following policies aboard all Escort class vessels. As of now these policies are up for debate and all employees are welcome to submit suggestions either in writing or in person, all of which will be given ample contextual consideration; this will be an ongoing process and updates will be posted periodically. These Policies will go into effect in their current form at 24:00 hours, 11.2.3802 standard, all employees serving on Escort vessels are expected to be familiar with them at that time.

~ We’re all in the same boat together, so take care of
each other, take care of the ships, and they will take
care of you. ~

Positions & Rank
Current Crew Complement: 20
Total Capacity: 32
Command – Naval – Officer
Navigation & Helm Control – Naval – Officer
Navigation & Helm Control – Naval – Enlisted
Petty Officer 1st Class-‘Romi’
Communications & Sensors – Naval – Officer
Communications & Sensors – Naval – Enlisted
Tactical Shield Operations – Naval – Officer
Engineering – Naval – Officer
Engineering – Naval – Enlisted
Gunnery Control – Naval – Enlisted
Petty Officer 1st Class-‘Joey’
Petty Officer 3rd Class-‘Bippity’
Petty Officer 3rd Class-‘Boppity’
Medical – Naval – Officer
Medical – Naval – Enlisted
Science & Research Department – Naval – Officer
Science & Research Department – Naval – Enlisted
Task Management – Naval – Enlisted
Petty Officer 2nd Class-‘Red’
Intelligence Procurement – Marine – Officer
Intelligence Procurement – Marine – Enlisted
Security – Marine – Officer
Gunnery Lieutenant-‘Vasagi’
Staff Lieutenant-’’
Security – Marine – Enlisted
Master Gunnery Sergeant-‘T’
Sergeant-‘Yu Kage’
Sergeant-‘Joey’(Ship Gunner)
Staff Sergent-‘Red’
Staff Corporal-‘Dae’
Staff Corporal-‘Bippity’(Ship Gunner)
Staff Corporal-‘Boppity’(Ship Gunner)
Specialist -‘Grock’

Duties & Responsibilities of Officers

Captain- The Captain’s first responsibility is to the ship, as his vessel is the instrument of his crew’s prosperity and the means by which they may enact their common cause and will.
The Captain’s second responsibility is to the crew as a collective. The crew is the heart of the ship and thus invaluable. It is the Captain’s duty to ensure their continued well being and success in the fulfillment of their proscribed duties, as their performance in this regard determines the capabilities of the ship as a whole. The Captain is also ultimately responsible for the crew’s behavior both on and off the ship, and is thus the primary arbitrator and policy maker for ship conduct. It is the duty of the Captain to ensure all crew members are fit and capable of their proscribed responsibilities and that those duties are carried out in a manner that reflects of dignity and professionalism.
The Captain’s third responsibility is the fulfillment of the ships current mission within the parameters which he has been assigned, and within the context of the ship’s General Mission Statement.

Commander- The Commander’s responsibility is to aid the Captain and other Department Chiefs in the pursuit of their duties. He is to act as the go between for the Captain and the rest of the crew and whenever appropriate speak for the crew’s needs. The Commander is expected to coordinate efforts between the Department Chiefs and keep the Captain appraised of ongoing ship projects. It is the Commanders duty to act as the Captain’s second, to offer advice, and to suggest the best course of action in his opinion. It is Not his prerogative to openly question or countermand his Captain’s direct orders in a manner which reflects poorly upon the Captain’s person or position except in the event that the Commander believes the Captain’s judgement to have been severely compromised. It is however the Commander’s duty to express his concern or disagreement involving the Captions orders in private.
The Commander’s second responsibility is to take charge of the ship and it’s operations in the event that the Captain is incapacitated or otherwise unavailable. It is therefor necessary that the Commander be aware of, and prepared, to preform the Duties of the Captain at any time.

Chief Security Officer- It is the responsibility of the Chief Security Officer to oversee the defense of the ship and it’s crew from hostile acts, and to inform the Commander of potential threats. It is his duty to examine all ship missions from a tactical military point of view in order to determine the most effective and least costly course of actions that would result in the mission’s success. It is expected that his findings be reported to his Commander in a timely manner and/or presented during the next Officer’s Conference.
The Chief Security Officer’s second responsibility is to coordinate the efforts of officers and enlisted security personal assigned under him. It is his duty to ensure they are properly trained and outfitted to deal with threats whenever and wherever they arise, and that each team member is aware of and capable of preforming in his assigned roll. He is to also oversee any marine operations conducted from the ship, and if no other officer serves under him, to assign specific tasks and rolls to individual security operatives.
It is Not the Chief Security Officer’s duty to conduct naval operations, as that is the purview of the Captain. It is however within his capacity to offer tactical advice when he is present.

Chief Engineer-

Chief Science Officer-

Chief Helmsmen-

Chief Medical Officer-

Chief Communications Officer-

Chief Intelligence Officer-

Task Manager-



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