Unknown Member, Transportation


Black (A.K.A. Master Kage) is the Head of transportation for the Unknowns. By An odd twist of what has to be fate, he has learned several methods of teleporting amazing distances (distances that would shame starship travel). Genetically black is an Alter Human given the terrifying ability to teleport, As he grew he learned a few Incantations obviously atleast one being a form of teleportation, and when he hit maturity his Weaver genetics awoke giving him an Untold Mastery of Teleportation…. Yes it gets that rediculous…..

Black was originally created by the Empirum, but at a very young age he escaped and was taken in by a group who referred to themselves as the Order of the Kage. While he grew and trained with this group, his horrifying mastery of teleportation allowed him to rise to the highest rank of Master Kage. He does not like to discuss how he managed this feat.



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