The Ha'soon

Commit to the Strike, and strike with Distinguishement


Type: Mecha                    Subtype: Geo-Frame                 Restriction: N/A
Size: Huge (-2 Def & Att)      Height: (27'6")                    Wight: (27,000) Lbs.
Bonus Hit Points: (200)        Hardness: 35                       P.DC: (60)
Equipment Slots (21)           Armor Penalty: (-8)               Hide Check Penalty: (-16)
Reach: (10)ft                  Fighting Space: (15)ft x (15)ft    Cargo Space: (250)Lbs.
Ground Speed: (30)ft           Fly Speed: (120)ft +(10ft/Cha Mod) Deep Space Thruster Speed: (3,000)ft	
Ability Scores:

Strength:     ??  (+??), (+24) Mech Size, Equipment Bonus
Dexterity:    ??  (+??)
Constitution: ??  (+??)
Intelligence: ??  (+??)
Wisdom:       ??  (+??)
Charisma:     ??  (+??)   
 Defense   =  10  +  Size  +  Pilot Class  +  Pilot Dex Bonus  +  Armor  +  Shield  +  Miss.
  (??)     =  10  +  (-2)  +     (+??)     +       (+??)       +  (+5)   +   (+5)  +  (+??)

Autopilot Defense:   (None) 
Flatfooted Defense:  (??)	
Touch Defense:       (??)

Initiative Modifier:	      (+??)
Pilot's Class Defense:        (+??)
Pilot's Dexterity:	      (+??)
Pilot's Attack Ranged:	      (+??)
Pilot's Attack Melee:         (+??)
Targeting System:	      (+5), (1) weapon system only 
Pilot Check:                  (+??)
Computer Use:	              (+??)
Auto Pilot:	              (None)
Grapple:	              (+??)
Equipment Slots: (21)

Helmet    (2) Advanced Life Support, Mark V Sensor Array
Visor     (1) Oracle Targeting System
Back      (2) Deep Space Thrusters x2
L. Hand   (2) 38c Defensor Halberd x2
R. Hand   (2) 38c Defensor Halberd x2
L. Arm    (2) Strength Boost, Tactical Shield
R. Arm    (2) Strength Boost, Advanced Depolarizing Charge
Shoulders (2) Flares x2
Torso     (2) Pilot Cockpit x2
Belt      (2) Space Skin, EX-10 Anti-Ion Array
Boots     (2) Ioun Hover Board, Deep Space Thrusters 
Core Systems:

 Power Core: Unique, Ioun Particle Converter:
       Add Charisma Modifier to Defense including any negative value,
       Operational Time: (4) hours before refueling
 Propulsion: Unique, Ioun Sky Crystal Hover Board: Equipment Slots, (1) Boots
       - Base Fly Speed: (130)ft
       - (+10)ft to base fly speed per point of Charisma Modifier,
       - Fly Maneuverability; Based on Charisma Modifier,
            (- 1) Can't use, (+ 0) Poor, (+ 1) Clumsy, (+ 2) Average, (+ 3) Good, (+ 4 or More) Perfect
       Operational Time: (4) hours before refueling  
 Structure: Neovulcanium, Harness: (20)
 Armor:	Sky Crystal, Armor Bonus: (+5), Armor Penalty: (-8), Speed Penalty: (-5)ft, Hardness: (+10)  
Sensors: Class V Sensor Array: Equipment Slots, (1) Helmet
	     -Hi-res Video
	     -Electromagnetic Sensors
	     -Infrared Sensors
	     -Multiband Radar
             -Dark Vision, (180)ft
             - (+6) Equipment Bonus to Spot & Navagation
             -Range: (10) Miles 
     Passive Scan: Tracks the location of Mecha, Creatures, and Vehicles, plus local geographic data
     Active Scan: Single Target, DC(15) Computer Use as a Move Action, Reveals:
               -Target's Size Category
               -Target's Locomotive Capabilities
               -Target's Present Direction or Trajectory
               -Target's Superstructure & Armor Composition
               -Target's Weapons, Defense, & Sensor Systems
               -Amount of Damage Target has taken 
               -Number of Living Creatures Aboard, if any
     Oracle Targeting System: Equipment Slots, (1) Visor
              (+5) Equipment Bonus to Pilot Attack Rolls, One Weapon Only, (Halberd)
Communication Systems: Equipment Slots, (0) 
      -- Radio Transceiver: 
           Range/Limitations: Light Speed, Omnidirectional, Range: (100) Miles Planet Side
Defense Systems: 

     -EX-20 Anti-Ion Array: Equipment Slots, (1) Belt
          Resistance (20) Ion & Radiation Damage, Immunity to E.M.P. Damage 
     -Sky Crystal Tactical Shield: Equipment Slots, (1) L. Arm
          (+ 5) Shield Bonus to Defense, (+ 5) Hardness, (- 5) Move Penalty    
     -Flares: Equipment Slots, (2) Shoulders
           (8) Flares Per Equipment Slot, Total= (16)
           Launches (2) Flare as an Immediate Action
           Flares Interfere with Enemy Missile Attacks, (-6) to Enemy's Attack roll
     -Advanced Depolarizing Charge: Equipment Slots, (1) R. Arm
           Activation: Move Action
           Sends a Jolt of electromagnetic energy across the Mecha's hull detaching any enemy
                weaponry or devices adhered to it
           Deals (4d8) points of Electricity Damage to any enemy touching the Mecha's Hull at the time of activation

    (1) 38C Defensor Halberd: Equipment Slots, (1) L. Hand, (1) R. Hand, (1) R. Arm, (1) L. Arm
            -Damage:       (12d10) + (Str Mod x1.5)
            -Damage Type:  Fire(Plasma)/Slashing
            -Critical:     (20/x3) 
            -Reach:        (15)ft
            -Improved Stopping Power
Miscellaneous Systems:

     -Expanded Deep Space Thrusters: Equipment Slots, (2) Back, (1) Boots
          Add Flight Speed of (3,000)ft, (6)sqrs, While in Space Only 
     -Space Skin: Equipment Slots, (1) Belt
          Mecha can Ignore the effects of Vacuum 
     -Advanced Life Support: Equipment Slots, (1) Helmet
          Mecha can Ignore the effects of Air Born Poisons & Immersion in Liquids 
          Contains (144)hours air supply, (6) days 
     -Strength Boost: Equipment Slots, (1) R. Arm, (1) L. Arm
          (+8) Additional Strength Bonus  
Alpha-System: None Currently
AI: None Currently
     Level: (?)

Computer Housing: 
     Stats:  Intelligence (??), Wisdom (??), Charisma (??)
     Ego Score: (?)
Back Up Systems: None Currently

     The Ha'soon is a project born from Eleti engineering and the blessing of the Kharn Idoun
and their unique resources. This model was derived from the Geo-Frame, a Mecha design used 
almost exclusively on the Idoun homeworld, and originally developed by off-worlders.
     A Geo-frame generates it's power by constantly processing a high-energy particle found 
in varying concentrations throughout that planet's atmosphere. Although strangely benign in 
their natural form, these particles, when properly stimulated, are capable of tremendous 
power output. Consequently this technology has found its way into several local devices. 
However, the Kharn Idoun have unwaveringly attempted to suppress any large scale use of these
power generators as well as any attempt to harvest and store these particles for shipment 
off-world, going so far as to use force when they have deemed it necessary. The exact reason 
for this opposition remains unknown to all but the Idoun, and thus far artificial synthesis 
of this particle has been unsuccessful. Consequently these machines are rarely if ever seen 
anywhere else. 
      It is important to note a unique discovery that was made in the early development of
these generators. When a device is powered through this process, it's performance varied
greatly, dependent upon its operator's psychological strength. This phenomenon has been no
more successfully explained than the Idoun's desire for their disuse. However neither of
these two factors have completely dissuaded the further research and development of this
unorthodox technology.  

The Ha'soon

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