The Intuitus


Type: Mecha                    Subtype: Psionic Alpha Series      Restriction: I.D.F. Only
Size: Huge (-2 Def & Att)      Height: (30'6")                    Wight: (32,000) Lbs.
Bonus Hit Points: (300)        Hardness: 35                       P.DC: (64)
Equipment Slots (24)           Armor Penalty: (-14)               Hide Check Penalty: (-22)
Reach: (10)ft                  Fighting Space: (15)ft x (15)ft    Cargo Space: (250)Lbs.
Ground Speed: (35)ft           Fly Speed: (125)ft                 Deep Space Thruster Speed: (2,000)ft	
Designated Pilot: Simon Baker

Pilot's Modified Ability Scores:

Strength:     26  (+8), (+16) Mech Size, Equipment Bonus
Dexterity:    12  (+1)
Constitution: 12  (+1)
Intelligence: 20  (+5)
Wisdom:       16  (+3)
Charisma:     10  (+0)   
 Defense   =  10  +  Size  +  Class Bonus  +  Pilot Dex Bonus  +  Armor  +  Shield  +  Miss.
  (39)     =  10  +  (-2)  +     (+00)     +       (+1)        +  (+22)  +   (+8)   +  (+??)

Autopilot Defense:   (None) 
Flatfooted Defense:  (38)	
Touch Defense:       (9)
Pilot Modifiers:

Initiative Modifier:	      (+1)
Pilot's Attack Ranged:	      (+5\+0)
Pilot's Attack Melee:         (+12\+7)
Targeting System:	      (+5), (2) Systems only, Shield Bits (Defense System) 
   Targeting Software:        (N\A), Not Equipped, Requires Additional Targeting Computer 
Computer Use:	              (+21)
Pilot Check:                  (+17)
Auto Pilot:	              (None)
Grapple:	              (+16)
Equipment Slots: (24)

 Helmet      (2) Advanced Life Support, Space Skin
 Visor       (2) Prophet Targeting System, Mark V Sensor Array
 Back        (2) Compressed Deep Space Induction Thrusters, Gravity Induction Engine 
 L. Hand     (2) Scorpion Tactical Missile Launcher x2
 R. Hand     (2) Progressive Bastard Sword x2 
 L. Arm      (2) Barricade Tactical Shield, Structural Enhancement
 R. Arm      (2) Nanite Repair Unit, Structural Enhancement
 L. Shoulder (2) Extra Armor, Force Arrester Shield Bit
 R. Shoulder (2) Extra Armor, Force Arrester Shield Bit
 Torso       (3) Pilot Cockpit x2, Alpha-System
 Belt        (2) EX-20 Anti-Shock Array, Psionic Amplifier
 Boots       (1) Light Fortification 
Core Systems:

 Power Core: Singularity:
       - (+3) Equipment Slots, Need no Fuel
       - (20%) Chance to Explode when Mech is destroyed, Damage: (20d6) in a (180)ft Radius
 Locomotion: Anti-Grav Pylon, Equipment Slots, (None), Replaces Legs
       - (+10)ft to Land & Fly Speeds, Hovers (10)ft off the ground, (-1)Equipment Slot(Boots),
          Can move over rough terrain and water without penalty
 Propulsion: Gravity Induction Engine: Equipment Slots, (1) Back
       - Base Fly Speed: (150)ft
       - Fly Maneuverability: (Good)
       Operational Time: Unlimited  
 Structure: Reinforced Cerametal, Harness: (35), Armor Penalty: (-2), Defense Bonus: (+2) 
 Armor:	Neutronite, Armor Bonus: (+12), Armor Penalty: (-8), Speed Penalty: (-5)  

     Class V Sensor Array: Equipment Slots, (1) Visor
	     -Hi-res Video
	     -Electromagnetic Sensors
	     -Infrared Sensors
	     -Multiband Radar
             -Dark Vision, (180)ft
             - (+6) Equipment Bonus to Spot & Navagation
             -Range: (10) Miles 
         Passive Scan: Tracks the location of Mecha, Creatures, and Vehicles, 
                       plus local geographic data
         Active Scan: Single Target, DC(15) Computer Use as a Move Action, Reveals:
               -Target's Size Category
               -Target's Locomotive Capabilities
               -Target's Present Direction or Trajectory
               -Target's Superstructure & Armor Composition
               -Target's Weapons, Defense, & Sensor Systems
               -Amount of Damage Target has taken 
               -Number of Living Creatures Aboard, if any
     Prophet Targeting System Mark V: Equipment Slots, (1) Visor
              (+5) Equipment Bonus to Pilot Attack Rolls, (2) Systems Only, (Shield Bits, L. & R.)
Communication Systems: Equipment Slots, (0) 
      - Micro Mass Transceiver, (Replaces Radio) 
      - Range/Limitations: Instantaneous Point to Point, Range: (100) A.U.'s
Defense Systems: 

     - EX-20 Anti-Shock Array: Equipment Slots, (1) Belt
           Resistance (20) Electricity, Immunity to E.M.P. Damage 
     - Barricade Tactical Shield: Equipment Slots, (1) L. Arm
          (+8) Shield Bonus to Defense, Resistance (20) Fire

     - Force Arrester Shield Bit x2: Equipment Slots, (1) R. Shoulder & (1) L. Shoulder
          A mentally controlled drone that can project an flat octagonal wall of psionic energy.
          A Bit has a range of (500)ft and a Fly Speed of (150)ft with (Perfect) Maneuverability.
          A Number of times per round equal to the user's Dex Mod, the pilot can make an opposed
               attack roll v.s. an opponent to have the Shield Bit intervene and absorb    
               the attack's damage with its energy barrier.
          A Bit can store up to (30) Psionic Power Points and expends (1) Power Point
               for every (2) points of damage it's barrier negates.
          A Bit can only intervene if the attack in question passes within (5)ft of the space
               the Bit currently occupies and the Pilot can perceive the threat.
          A Bit moves during it's operators turn by mental command, this is a free action.
          If the operator should move in such a way to place an active Bit outside the (500)ft
               control range the Bit will automatically return to the operator's location if able.
          Deploying a Shield Bit is a move action, this expends (5) of the units Power Points on
                start up, afterwords a Bit can remain active for up to (30)min.
          By default a Bit will hover around it's operator moving as the pilot moves until needed.
          A Shield Bit is approximately the same size and shape as a Heavy Shield designed for a
                medium sized character and can be attacked directly; a Bit has an AC of (24), 
                a hardness of (15), and (15) Hit Points.
          At the operators discretion and during their turn a Bit can be directed to maintain it's
                current position and use its energy barrier to effectively function as a wall,
                (6)ft wide & (6)ft tall.

   - MD-2 Scorpion Tactical Launcher: Equipment Slots, (2) L. Hand
         The Scorpion has been designed as a throw-away, one time use weapon that cannot be
         reused or reloaded once fired. Using a purely mechanical firing mechanism, electro-
         chemical rocket propellent, and simple lensing targeting optics, the deceptively
         low-tech Scorpion fires a high yield mass-reaction warhead that is practically immune
         to any form of ECM. Effectively a one-shot mini-nuke absent the radioactive fallout.    
            -Damage:        (30d8), (20)ft blast radius
            -Damage Type:   Non-Specific Energy
            -Critical:      (19/x2) 
            -Range:         (150)ft Single Target
            -Save:          Reflex (22) for Half, a target struck directly receives no save  
            -Rate of Fire:  Single Fire Only
            -Magazine:      (1) Shot, Internal
            -Improved Range
            -Improved Yield 

   - Progressive Blade(Bastard Sword, One-Handed): Equipment Slots, (2) R. Hand
            -Damage:        (6d8)Slashing + (4d8)Electricity + Str Mod + Special
            -Critical:      (18/x2) 
            -Reach:         (10)ft   
            -Magazine:      (25) Collective minutes of Activation Time, Internal Power Pack (Z.P.E)
            -Special:       Bypasses First (25) Points of Hardness, (+1) to Attack 
            -Template (Progressive-Weaponry)
            -Locked Gauntlet

Miscellaneous Systems:

     -Compressed Deep Space Induction Thrusters: Equipment Slots, (1) Back
          Add Flight Speed of (3,000)ft, (6)sqrs, While in Space Only 
     -Space Skin: Equipment Slots, (1) Helmet
          Mecha can Ignore the effects of Vacuum 
     -Advanced Life Support: Equipment Slots, (1) Helmet
          Mecha can Ignore the effects of Air Born Poisons & Immersion in Liquids 
          Contains (144)hours air supply, (6) days 
     -Nanite Repair Unit: Equipment Slots, (1) R. Arm
          Heals (5) Points of Damage per Round (Max of Mech's Bonus HP) Afterwords nanites need to be Replenished 
     -Light Fortification: Equipment Slots, (1) Boots
         (25%) Chance to Ignore Critical Hits 
     -Structural Enhancement x2: Equipment Slots, (1) R. Arm & (1) L. Arm 
          Mech Gains (50) Additional Bonus Hit Points x2, Total: (100) 
     -Additional Armor Plating x2:  Equipment Slots, (1) R. Shoulder & (1) L. Shoulder 
          Increases the Mecha's Equipment Bonus to Defense by (4), Armor Penalty by (-2), & Speed Penalty by (-5)ft.
          Total: (+8) to AC, (-4) to Armor Check, (-10)ft to Speed
     -Mk-III Psionic Resonance Amplifier: Equipment Slots, (1) Belt
          Augments a Psionic character's abilities to function on a scale equivalent to the
          machine he pilots.
          Stores (90) Psionic Power Points, expends (3) points per augmented Power.
          MetaPsionic Effects:  Empower Power* (+30%)
                                Extend Power*  (+60%)
                                Enlarge Power* (+150%)  
Alpha-System: ENABLED, Equipment Slots, (1) Torso
     - Enables the Use of Psionic Power Points and Uploaded Alpha Programs
     - Power Points (200), Recharge Rate: (2) per Hour
Program Iterations:

     -Restoration, Series (I); Repairs Damage to Hull, Superstructure, or Equipment
         Cost: (1) Power Point Per Point of Damage Repaired 
         Activation: (1) Standard Action
         Duration: Persistent Until Deactivated or System is Depleted of Power Points 
         Effect: Occurs at the Beginning of Operator's Next turn

     -Remote Recall, Series (I); Can Teleport a Object/Character back inside the Alpha-Systems
         Flux-Field within (1) hour of that Object's/Character's exposure to that Field. 
         Minimum exposure time: (5) Minutes
         Cost: (20) Power Points Per Size Category
               Small(20), Medium(40), Large(60), Huge(80), Gargantuan(100), Colossal(120), 
               Light(140), Medium(160), Heavy(180), S.Heavy(200)
         Activation: (1) Standard Action
         Duration: Instantaneous
         Effect: Occurs at the Beginning of Operator's Next turn

      -Reinforcement, Series (I); Grants Additional Hardness
         Cost: (1) Power Point Per Point of Hardness per Turn
         Activation: (1) Standard Action
         Duration: Persistent Until Deactivated or System is Depleted of Power Points 
         Effect: Occurs at the Beginning of Operator's Next turn

      -Cloaking, Series (V); Grants Greater Invisibility, Total Concealment, (50%) Miss Chance
         Cannot be detected by mundane(Non-Magical/Psionic) Sensors  
         Cost: (1) Power Point Per (10) Minutes Per Size Category
               Medium(1), Large(2), Huge(3), Gargantuan(4), Colossal(5), 
               Light(6), Medium(7), Heavy(8), S.Heavy(9), U.Heavy(10)
         Activation: (1) Standard Action
         Duration: Persistent Until Deactivated or System is Depleted of Power Points 
         Effect: Occurs at the Beginning of Operator's Next turn
AI: None Currently
     Level: (?)

Computer Housing: 
     Stats:  Intelligence (??), Wisdom (??), Charisma (??)
     Ego Score: (?)
Back Up Systems: None Currently


The Intuitus

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