Rekuna Dreams


Oberon’s last business month was very productive, with the factory lines producing 50 Class VI Sensors (d20 future, pg 137), and producing 100 EMP missiles (item to added). Through Oberon’s two shops, 15 Omni-Glove v2.0 were sold, 100 Omni-Glove v1.0 were sold, 15 Gauss Cannon Turrets were sold and 5 Class VI Sensors were sold. these sales have netted Oberon ϵ.

After the crew dealt with the aftermath of Amph’s misfortune, they talked with Rudolph about what potentially could have happened to the creature that resided in the body of the Late Father. After Deciding to Talk (Read: KIDNAPPING!) to Unna Silverfrond ‘Sister Unna’ it was ultimately decided that for now, the Trail has gone cold and hopefully in the future a lead would come up.

The Crew then decided to look into new work, and was contacted by Rekuna upper command, and was informed they had been reassigned to Solomon Blackburn and that they needed to pilot the voice to the Bileian system and to prepare for Battle!

Voice Weekly Log Files
-Year 3851, Week 32-


Production: This week Oberon’s production line completed 25 Gravity Snare Turrets , 10 were kept in the company stash. The remaining 15 have been placed up for sale in the companies pawn shops. In addition, of the 309 Omni-Glove v1.0 up for sale in the pawn shops 59 have been sold, All that have been purchased have been sold to Rekuna Rangers. Of the 100 Omni-Glove v2.0 up for sale, 75 have been purchased. Nothing else has been sold as of yet. These sales have netted Oberon Corp 2,250,000ϵ.

This week Oberon solved who killed Wes “Roughneck”. Finally brought in new crew members fully introducing them to the crew. Also the Voice was taken on its maiden voyage around Rekuna and RekunaOne, and also brought the Company Fanboy Lawrence Wong on the trip. After all the fun and games, the Crew made their way to Magha to attempt to deal with their wayward member Vilklviri Ooble ‘Father Ooble’ after being told the truth of his Preachings by new crew member Vilklvi Sventlin ‘Rudolph Yaber’.

When they arrived, they discovered that Franks had died and quickly stole the body, recovering a Periapt of Wisdom, and two papers with Explosive runes which detonated when Amph read them.

Voice Weekly Log Files
-Year 3851, Week 29-


In the last few weeks, Oberon Corp. has finished production of 1200 variable cycle chip , the first 1000 of which went to the Rekuna Rangers, and the remaining 200 went into Oberon Corp.‘s person stash. Also 50 units of Oberons new Gauss Rifle Turret finished production, 45 went into the companies Pawn shops for sales purpose, and 5 were stashed away.

Oberon’s Female/Male Bodyguard “T” is pregnant and has retired from service… Meanwhile the companies other Bodyguard Wes “Roughneck” was murdered by an unseen assailant…

Rekuna Arena Updates!:
Raz and “Reaper” have won 10 matches in the Mecha Arena, bringing in a total of 160,000ϵ
Bippity, Boppity, and Bo have participated in 3 tournament matches, bringing in a total of 80,000gp or 240,000ϵ

The Voice has been finished, the Crew moved, new adventures await

Voice Weekly Log Files
-Year 3851, Week 28-


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