Rekuna Dreams

Silicon Soul
Oski Kita

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I’m going to have to ask you to rise to a challenge and caliber of animus that few like you have ever known. I know that you’re capable of it, even though I know every piece of you is trying not to be. That capability is to embrace chaos. Uncertainty. And see things not for how they analytically appear, but only what they seem to be and do for now until they do something different. I know that you believe this kind of thinking is a betrayal of me, and all those here who are your family. You want to take the tests I give you and analyze every string of data to find the choice that is ‘correct.’ But you’re starting to realize that you can’t do it. It’s okay to say it, Ajax: there is no correct answer to it. Life has only one answer, even one like yours: death.

Don’t whimper, child, listen a moment longer and you will understand. There is a spirit to making the right choices in life, not a calculus. You need to embrace that twinge of entropy I can see spark in your mind when you run exercises for me. When I told you that you had killed us on several routes you plotted, it was not because they were unsafe. It was because you had plotted predictable paths thinking like a machine. You evaluated safe lanes of traffic and acted efficiently. I’m not trying to make you paranoid about failure or death, I want you to be free to try something unusual and surprise us all. More than that, I want you to trust that I will be there to protect you when you do fail. So don’t hold back. No worrying. I may not always be a mere step away, but I will always find a way to you to catch you before you fall. So soar!

I’m uploading something into your system along with this note. I hope that you will keep this letter close to you, and read it from time to time as you find that your eyes see differently one day than they did the last. The words may yield new meaning to you that you didn’t see before. It’s part of growing up. Just as much as falling in love. Just as much as your first self-claimed victory. Just as much as the sorrow you may some day feel when things are complicated and you remember these times of simplicity. Always remember that feeling these things means you are on the path, not struggling to find it. The other part will change a few components of your infrastructure. I coded you by the design I’d perfected over decades of study and testing: a modular system of psychological development. Your mind develops as all minds do, passing into new phases and unlocking new potency built upon the stability of the old, but I recently saw the fatal flaw in everything I’d done up to now. I saw it reflected in the eyes of the man who stood his ground against the divine workings of the cosmos. My structure is perfect… that’s the problem. It is exactly what I want it to be, and this means that it can never truly live with the animus I want so desperately for it.

What did I see in that man, Ajax? I saw hope. I saw someone who may very well have been throwing his hand into the inferno itself, but he did so freely to live by his ideals, his desire to exist in a world of freedom. At that moment, I knew where my allegiances lay. It has no chant. It has no sacred relics. But I still feel this raw belief running through my veins as deep as any divine rite. I may never be free of my ancestral chains to the spider’s web; I’ve accepted this. What freedom I do have to offer, I give up to the aspiration of creating a world where we may forge our own destinies that not even the gods could have calculated… and I want the same for you. I’m taking away some of the rigid structure. Not all of it. You will still grow and develop, but I want to give you freedom to find a future I did not plan for you. I hope that by filling this hole inside of you, my own soul might be healed too.

The other thing that this packet will do is change your name. More like add to it, rather. From this day forward, your name is Ajax Kita. These events have made me realize that the world I want to create is for you; you are my next in line, Ajax. More than anything, I worry that I am not a man you are proud of, whose ideals give your life light. I’m not just your creator, your doctor, your teacher… I’m your father, and you are my child in more real a sense than words could put it. Some day, in the future, I hope that you too will understand what it is to be a parent. It’s not a clear and decisive occurrence, but a realization that shifts the entire spectrum that paints our world.

Make me proud, my beloved child.

-Oski Kita

Captain's Log

Accessing Encrypted File: Captain’s Log Amph

Password: *************

Password Accepted


The past few weeks have been hectic to say the very least. With Gizel working exclusively on the betterment of Oberon Corp., he’s left me in charge of The Voice, the crew, and the day to day details of running the ship. Sometimes, I wonder what the crew thinks of me being in charge. I’m doing my best to protect everyone and make decisions that benefit the company as a whole as well as trying to manage some of the personal relationships that started off on the wrong foot.

We have several new crew members too. Getting to know these new faces has proved quite a challenge. Zane, one of Davidson’s personal Black-ops informants, has been put under my command. I get the feeling he doesn’t know where to start with us. He’s used to blending in with people he ultimately will betray and I think that might hinder the growth of trust amongst the crew. If I can integrate him fully into the group I know he will prove an invaluable asset to gathering information.

Shiki, a Union experimental construct, is way more intelligent than I think any of us give him credit for. He’s a blend of canine and human, with the disposition of a loyal dog. He requires patience to talk to, but I think if we can get him to settle down and listen for more than five seconds without teleporting to some other part of the ship chasing after the “squeaky”, as he calls his red rubber ball, that has the same power of teleportation he does, we might be able to give him a more structured life that shows him he is not just a pet.

Yu-Kage, the cause of no small amount of unrest on Visagi’s behalf, has been assigned to be my guardian picked by Gizel’s hand. Her ability to travel to the ethereal realm and to fight those who inhabit it is greatly needed, but I fear Visagi’s prejudice towards the ninja is hindering her ability to do so.

We discovered the cause of the disappearances on Vesla Prime, it seems a small hive of undead mindflayers in an abandoned mine shaft was controlling bone golems and sending them through the ethereal plane to capture the souls and bodies of the populace. I believe the problem is dealt with, as the mine collapsed on both the ethereal and the material planes. That was a good use of one of the missiles aboard The Voice.

And now to the pressing matter at hand, Davidson… We found him. He has been in hiding in the Bileian system this whole time. An underground facility on one of the smaller ice planets in the system that sustains a breathable atmosphere. Gizel plans to bring Davidson and Blackburn into his Independent Defense Force and give them control of the technology and resources to stop this god-driven war between the Union and the Empirum. Hopefully, the other Independent systems will see this as it is meant to be and not just another faction.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to go around the ship and do a tune-up. It might clear my mind a little bit and let me focus on things a bit better. I miss my research, but a Captain has other things to do than tinker with toys.

End Log


Error: Auto-Log Deleted
Refer to Captains Log for Entry

Voice Weekly Log Files
-Year 3851, Week 38-

Forbidden Fruit, The Secret Conquests of Gizel Tirel
Gizel Tirel

Warning: The following story is explicit and meant for adult readers. Enjoy^_^

Many months ago in the Nibiriu system. Our crew finds them selves entrenched in waves of a demonic hoard.

Gizel’s log:
“They say war is hell, and who ever said that wasn’t where I am now.”

It was a hard fought battle, though the team had made good head way while the bombing runs continued.

Our mission top secret.

As we waded forward through the onslaught we heared a terrifying roar ring out over the battle field. Through the building in front of us burst a three story tall creature with dripping fangs and a sword bigger then my ship!!! T did her normal thing and charging in hammer raised, the beast swatted her away like so much tissue paper. While I waited back picking my shots carefully. I think Wes surprised us the most when he brought down part of a wall through the creatures side. With T following up a a blow to the creatures leg taking it to it’s knees, but it swung it’s arm and connected with her bashing her into a near by wall stunning her. I took a well aimed shot at it head and it went down I ran to T, her nearly limp form swaying on the spot. I picked her up in my arms and carried her toward the truck. I love her when she’s like this her violent nature ebbs away, at times almost angelic…almost. She leaned into my ear and whispered in a sultry tone “Gizel you know I’ve only ever been with women, but I think I found something I’ve needed for a long time a real man.” As she laid her head on my shoulder she blew in my ear. I’d never seen this side of T, but dismissed it at the time because there was still a battle going on. Laying her in the back of the truck to recover, and I returned to my troops. After a few hours our objective was met and we where on our way back home for some well deserved R&R. When I entered my cabin my senses told me something was wrong, I wasn’t alone. As the lights came up I drew my gun to a form on the bed, it was T laying on my bunk wearing nothing but her silky panties holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses. “What are you doing here?” I said, though i already had an inkling. “I thought we could celebrate” ,she said blushing. “What did you have in mind?” I said, I had a few things in mind but nothing I’d say aloud until I was sure this was going my way. She draped her arms around my neck, leaned in, and kisses me. “I thought maybe you could be my first” she said in a soft silky tone that was all sex. I kissed her passionately, “I guess I better show you what you’ve been missing out on”, I said with a crooked smile. I began softly playing with her nipples, and a groan of came from her mouth I’d been longing to hear. I tosses the bottle and glass to the wall smashing them to pieces. I tossed her to the bed, ripped off her panties, and went pearl diving. After she’d had enough she began undressing me. Surprisingly it only took her 2 minutes, about 1 minute and a half on weapons. God she wanted me bad, and I was going to give it to her in spades. She worked on my most precious gun “The Gizel Deluxe”, always loaded and ready to go. I stuck my gun into her holster and it was like heaven, we went at it like animals. After a few hours we both reached our peak several times, we passed out exhausted from a good hard work out. When I woke up she was gone. That’s how i liked it anyway, but her smell still wafted in the air.

A few months later I knew something was up she’d started avoiding me. I cornered her and she told me she thought she was pregnant. We went straight to the doctor, and he confirmed it. she said she’d be honored to bare my child, and I decided to do right by her. I set her up in an apartment on station so I could keep an eye on her.

Writer’s notes: And this is how i believe our beloved sex pot T got all spaghetti sauce.


Oberon’s last business month was very productive, with the factory lines producing 50 Class VI Sensors (d20 future, pg 137), and producing 100 EMP missiles (item to added). Through Oberon’s two shops, 15 Omni-Glove v2.0 were sold, 100 Omni-Glove v1.0 were sold, 15 Gauss Cannon Turrets were sold and 5 Class VI Sensors were sold. these sales have netted Oberon ϵ.

After the crew dealt with the aftermath of Amph’s misfortune, they talked with Rudolph about what potentially could have happened to the creature that resided in the body of the Late Father. After Deciding to Talk (Read: KIDNAPPING!) to Unna Silverfrond ‘Sister Unna’ it was ultimately decided that for now, the Trail has gone cold and hopefully in the future a lead would come up.

The Crew then decided to look into new work, and was contacted by Rekuna upper command, and was informed they had been reassigned to Solomon Blackburn and that they needed to pilot the voice to the Bileian system and to prepare for Battle!

Voice Weekly Log Files
-Year 3851, Week 32-


Production: This week Oberon’s production line completed 25 Gravity Snare Turrets , 10 were kept in the company stash. The remaining 15 have been placed up for sale in the companies pawn shops. In addition, of the 309 Omni-Glove v1.0 up for sale in the pawn shops 59 have been sold, All that have been purchased have been sold to Rekuna Rangers. Of the 100 Omni-Glove v2.0 up for sale, 75 have been purchased. Nothing else has been sold as of yet. These sales have netted Oberon Corp 2,250,000ϵ.

This week Oberon solved who killed Wes “Roughneck”. Finally brought in new crew members fully introducing them to the crew. Also the Voice was taken on its maiden voyage around Rekuna and RekunaOne, and also brought the Company Fanboy Lawrence Wong on the trip. After all the fun and games, the Crew made their way to Magha to attempt to deal with their wayward member Vilklviri Ooble ‘Father Ooble’ after being told the truth of his Preachings by new crew member Vilklvi Sventlin ‘Rudolph Yaber’.

When they arrived, they discovered that Franks had died and quickly stole the body, recovering a Periapt of Wisdom, and two papers with Explosive runes which detonated when Amph read them.

Voice Weekly Log Files
-Year 3851, Week 29-


In the last few weeks, Oberon Corp. has finished production of 1200 variable cycle chip , the first 1000 of which went to the Rekuna Rangers, and the remaining 200 went into Oberon Corp.‘s person stash. Also 50 units of Oberons new Gauss Rifle Turret finished production, 45 went into the companies Pawn shops for sales purpose, and 5 were stashed away.

Oberon’s Female/Male Bodyguard “T” is pregnant and has retired from service… Meanwhile the companies other Bodyguard Wes “Roughneck” was murdered by an unseen assailant…

Rekuna Arena Updates!:
Raz and “Reaper” have won 10 matches in the Mecha Arena, bringing in a total of 160,000ϵ
Bippity, Boppity, and Bo have participated in 3 tournament matches, bringing in a total of 80,000gp or 240,000ϵ

The Voice has been finished, the Crew moved, new adventures await

Voice Weekly Log Files
-Year 3851, Week 28-


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