A list of Equipment that Oberon Corp has either Manufactured, Created a template, or has purchased and is not currently in a book

Oberon Corp. Equipment
Alpha-System – New Type of equipment System
Omni-Glove v1.0 – First Version of the Companies “Pip-Boy”
Omni-Glove v2.0 – Second Version of the Companies “Pip-Boy”
Adamant Reactive Armor – Oberon’s custom-built Armor for the IDF
Adamant Reactive Recon Armor – Oberon’s modified A.R.A., Specialized for Stealth
A.R.A. Flight Pack – Oberon’s Flight pack, designed as an equipment upgrade for the A.R.A. system
Termagant Armor – Oberon’s custom-built Power Armor for the IDF
Arma-Pack – Oberon’s custom-built Military Backpack
Sentry Drone – Stealth Recon, Personal Protection, and a little companionship all in one little robot.

New Equipment
Caster Round – New Large Caliber Magic Bullet
Improved Biocort – Improved chemical rendition of Biocort
Basic Stimpack – Quick Healing of the future
Improved Stimpack – Improved Quick Healing of the future
Advanced Stimpack – Highly Advanced Quick healing of the future
Automatic Stimpack Rig – Automated Stimpack Backpack Rig
Immunity Booster – Immunity Injection for common illnesses

Darksiders Equipment (Equipment available for purchase aboard The Dragons Breath)


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