In the Rekuna Galaxy 8 major factions compete for power, with 3 of these groups being considered “Empires”, another 3 being various types of “Trade Groups”, and the last two stand on their own as “Military groups” . These groups are listed below, organized by Empires, Trade groups, and Military Groups.


The Empirum of Humanity is what has become of Earth, Xenophobic humans bent on ruling all space and destroying the Alien races they encounter. Lacking Magic Talent, Empirum Humans have taken their Psionic abilities to its upper limits.

The Union of the Red Crystal Rose is an empire of “fantasy Races”, races that once were considered myth and legend back on Sol. Elves, Dwarves, Goblins and the like, all blame the humans for the destruction of the old Gateways that allowed easy travel between worlds. They work together to repair the Gateways while destroying the Empirum of Humanity.

The Coalition of United Races is an empire of “Alien Races”, races that humanity only encountered once they left the safety of Sol. These Races vary wildly from planet to planet, the only thing uniting them is the wish that the Xenophobic tendancies of the other Empires can be destroyed.

Trade groups

Rekuna Corp. and its Rangers are considered the most powerful of all the major factions, not because of military might or power, but because almost all trade of any kind makes its way back to Rekuna. This trade strength allowed Rekuna Corp to create the Rekuna Rangers as a “Police force” of the galaxy, firmly seating the Corp. as a powerhouse.

The Guilds represent the future of schooling and guild halls blended together. For many years, each of the Guilds that makes up this group operated independently, but over time each realized that alone they stood no chance against the other major factions of the Galaxy and decided to unify under a single banner. While the guilds still fight amongst each other for favor, power, and control, they have pledged to band together in the event of an outside attacker.

The Darksiders are a rather secretive faction, keeping themselves out of common knowledge and out of the News. It is believed that the Darksiders trade in Life, Drugs, and other Highly Illegal items. This would make them a “more evil” version of Rekuna Corp, if such rumors are true.

Military groups

The Freelancers are a Mercenary-for-Hire agency, that allows members to apply for jobs that fit within the criteria they wish. Many Freelancers are ex-military who continue their glory by acting as Bounty Hunters, Bodyguards, Investigators, and Explorers. No job is too outlandish for the Freelancers, as everyone is always looking for work.

The Unlawfuls are Rekuna space’s Pirate faction, acting independently of the Darksiders, raiding cargo and transport ships , always hoping for that “perfect” billion credit load. They are a generally disorganized bunch, at least until a Pirate Lord manages to band enough of the various gangs under a single banner.

The Rekuna Rangers are the “Police Force” of the galaxy, keeping all the factions in balance while chasing after Unlawfuls, Darksiders and other law-breakers. A tough gig for a group thats barely 2000 members strong


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