other rules

Rules we have designed for specific needs, or rules expansion we created in order to flesh out the story, or solve a problem that has come to light.

  • Item Build Rules
    When building magical, psionic, or gadgeted items the rules have been slightly modified for the maximum allowance. Magic and Psionic items have a maximum allowance of a +20, while gadgeted items may have upto 10 different upgrades. Any GM using this style of rules may feel free to increase the slot usage of a given item Modification in order to balance out rules. (Also consider making custom Mods require a specific Mod to also be installed). Any + value added to a Magic or Psionic item is also added to its Purchase DC when determining its Credit cost in addition to any other cost increases.
  • Production Line Replicators
Item Size (below} Tiny Replicator Small Replicator Medium Replicator Large Replicator Huge Replicator
Fine 100/week 400/week 800/week N/A N/A
Diminutive 20/week 100/week 400/week 800/week N/A
Tiny 4/week 20/week 100/week 400/week 800/week
Small 1/week 4/week 20/week 100/week 400/week
Medium 1/4 /week 1/week 4/week 20/week 100/week
Large 1/25 /week 1/4 /week 1/week 4/week 20/week
Huge 1/100 /week 1/25 /week 1/4 /week 1/week 4/week
Gargantuan N/A 1/100 /week 1/25 /week 1/4 /week 1/week
Colossal N/A N/A 1/100 /week 1/25 /week 1/4 /week

Production Line Replicator PDC’s
Tiny: 28 , Small: 33, Medium: 38, Large: 42, Huge: 48

Special rules on Replicators:
The Above purchase DC’s are usable only for Production lines creating Unlicensed Items, to purchase a production line for Licensed items the character must have the appropriate License in addition to increasing the PDC by + 2 for each grade of License up to Military (+ 2 for Restricted, + 4 for Licensed, + 6 for Military).

- Illegal (+ 4), and Highly Illegal (+ 5) replicators cannot be purchased, but they may be created by modifying an existing Replicator, or built by characters with the appropriate skills.

  • Standard Ship build Times

This system is used for figuring out ship build times using the new production line replicator rules.

Replicator Size (below) Ultralight (Gargantuan) Ship Ultralight (Colossal) Ship Light Ship Medium Ship Heavyweight Ship Superheavy Ship Ultraheavy Ship
Huge 1 1/4 1/12 1/36 1/144 N/A N/A
Gargantuan 4 1 1/4 1/12 1/36 1/144 N/A
Colossal 8 4 1 1/4 1/12 1/36 1/144

The # of ships listed are Per Week, and assume proper work space, equipment, and crew (5 Mechanics , 50 construction bots).
- 1 construction crew counts as 5 Mechanics and 50 construction bots
- For each size category above Ultralight, 1 additional construction crew is required to fulfill the above build times listed.
- For each extra or missing construction crew in excess of the required amount for a ships size category, increase or decrease the build time listed by 25% to a maximum variance of 75%.
-These times reflect only the basic ship structure, hull, engines, life support, and systems necessary for flight. Add (1) additional week for each size category for non-standard upgrades and outfitting


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