This is a listing of all the Crew Player Characters actively by Players, including their Ship Assignment, Crew Position Assignment, Location and/or Job assignment

Oberon Tower Crew
Gizel TirelCEO of Oberon Corp.
Reneè Tibaudis – Casseline Brother, Gizel’s Bodyguard
Amph’atallCEO of Oberon Corp.
Yu Kage – Order of the Kage Bodyguard, Amph’s Bodyguard
Bart – Oberon Corp. Lawyer
Kaj Lirat – Darksider Nobility of the Lirat House

Voice Crew
Oski Kita – Captain of The Voice
Caali Kagonesti – Company Marine on The Voice, Bodyguard of Oski
Zacharias Crosse – Company Marine on The Voice, Head of Oberon Corp. Security
Oliver Serpentfoe Prophet of Voice, Head Speaker of the Independent God.
Q’ck – Pilot of The Voice
Drongo – Shield Officer of The Voice
Crona – Comm. Officer of The Voice
N’Senorshasheop – Science Officer of The Voice
Bippity – Gunner on The Voice
Boppity – Gunner on The Voice
Joey – Gunner on The Voice
Ashton – Company Marine on The Voice
Zane – Company Marine on The Voice
Dae – Company Marine on The Voice
Boo – Company Marine on The Voice
faith – Company Marine on The Voice
Joshel – Company Sniper on The Voice
Cod – Company Medic-Marine on The Voice
Red Tirel – Defense Marine on The Voice, Problem Solver
Cristoph – Company Mecha Commander of The Voice
Simon – Company Mecha Pilot of The Voice
Shiki – Company Pet-person (?!)

TLC Crew
Bill – Captain of the SS TLC, Head of Oberon Corp. Shipping
Dr. Ty – First Mate of the SS TLC, Assistant of Oberon Corp. Shipping

IDF Crew
VisagiIDF Silver Fleet member

Planetside Crew
Raz – Mecha Arena Pilot, Currently on Rekuna
Nitz – Minor CEO, Currently Enlisted with the Dwarven Army on Gledane
Vin – Head of Oberon Corp. Production, Currently on Rekuna
Darien – Oberon Corp. Espionage

Deceased Crew
Theta-023-012 ‘T’ – Oberon Company Marine, Amph and Gizel’s first bodyguard
Wes “Roughneck” – Oberon Company Marine
Rudolph Yaber – Oberon Corp. Company Security


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