This Page is really just a list of memorable Quotes that we have written down during the course of the campaign

1) GM “The Captain just said he talked to a god!”
Tilting_Clock: " More importantly, the captain punched a god in the fucking nose! As far as Oski’s concerned the captain has his full attention for the rest of his Life!"

2) Gizel: “Do they teach Draconic in university?!”
Oski: “Its a good way to meet chicks”

3) Boo: “Captain, I hear someone talking in my head and its not me!!!”

4) Oski: " Could you clarify that? The world I come from, evil is the way"


6) Tilting_Clock: “Amph did science to it, yo!”

7) Tilting_Clock: “As best I can tell, were gonna fly to the center of the galaxy (GM correction: Universe) to fight a bunch of demons through a portal” …. " Its like Power Rangers: Dimension Rangers!"

8) Oberon Corp. – Saving the Universe today, so we can make piles of cash tomorrow.

9) GridPaperMonkey: “If you can’t make him go to sleep, make him have fucked up Dreams”

10) Tilting_Clock: " Can you roll a bluff check high enough so you can think they’re lying to you ?"

11) Red: “Turning off my Pip-Boy”
Amph: “Turning your Pip-boy on…”

12) Oski " So how long do you have to be with the company before you get a ninja?"

13) “Hey, whose turn is it to walk the ninja?”

14) Boppity: “It bodes well for me that you’re impressed by speed.”

15) Amph: “Master of Shoe-Fu”

16) Crona: " Me be rolling arcane lore now"

17) blackspiral82: “Yeah Red, the captain… Boppity”

18) Amph: “Don’t make me spill another cup of coffee on you…”

19) Oberonopoly! Go to Nikdan III, do not pass Rekuna One, Do not get paid…

20) Amph: " RED, we dont torture people…… often"

21) blackspiral82: “The Gizel Deluxe, it puts me to sleep at night!”

22) Visagi: “This is Red. We have NO excuse”

23) Red: “So why is Visagi a higher rank than me? You like him more than me?”
Amph: “No, not at all. You and I are great friends. Gizel doesn’t like you as much as me.”

24) Gizel: “Here at Oberon Corp. interpersonal skills are very important”

25) Oski: “Sir? Is there something unusual about T?”

26) T: “I want to be buried with strippers!”
Bart: " Wait, are you saying you want strippers present?"
T: “NO! with strippers”

27) DevonMcDougall: “So the dress is Red”
Red: “What??”
DevonMcDougall: " The color, dumbass"

28) DevonMcDougall: "It’s Candi … with an ‘I’ … and a star on the ‘I’ "
blackspiral82: “That means she likes it in the butt”

29) Yu-Kage: “Yu is looking for Red.”
Oski: “Oski is drinking!!”

30) Lazarus: “Is he on the ship?!”
Amph: “Yes”
Lazarus: “Is he a corpse?”
Amph: Yes. But he would still like to talk to you."

31) Red: “Chaotic Fun-sized”

32) Q’ick: " Wait, the captain isn’t gay?!"

33) Dae: “Look! Once i kill you, I bring you back! MANY TIMES!”

34) Visagi : (Cuts off a pirates hand, turning to another) “Drop It!”
DevonMcDougall: “I’m pretty sure he just did”

35) Grok: “What happened?!”
Rudolph: “You got knocked the fuck out!”

36) DevonMcDougall: “Her eyes are Milky White”
Red: “I make a roll to drink them in”

37) Gizel: " I picked up my prom date in a battleship"

38) Oski: “Respectfully, I see you talk out your ass every day … Sir”

39) Ajax: “More lifeforms to protect?”
Oski: “We respect life ajax!”

40) Crona: “Wait, What now?”
Oski: “I found a way to weaponize our wealth”

41) DevonMcDougall: “Why is Vin fisting the ship?!”

42) Shadowofhumanity: “GM Favor…mistake”
Zane: “I’m not going to do that!”

43) Oski: (Upon receiving his bodyguard) “Its cause I’m black isn’t it?”

44) Oski: “What species is the Bearer?” (Referring to the Highest Ranked Elf of the Union)
GM: “Elf”
Oski: "What Kind?
GM: “High Elf”
Oski: “Good, Who’s the Drow behind him with the leash”

45) Solus Quintus: “How did you come about that power?”
Gizel: “Ummm… erm… Dumb luck?”
Amph: (In a whisper) “Bocob is my Homeboy!”

46) Shadowofhumanity: “So is that gun the Gizel Deluxe?”

47) Oski: “I have achieved this position by my own merit and achievement!”
Bearer: “And what would your Mother Matron say?”
Oski: “She would pronounce me a heathen and probably Kill me”

48) Oliver: “Its not what I practice”
Shadowofhumanity: “Its a lifestyle choice!”

49) GM: “Jews! They do come in black!”
Shadowofhumanity: “Those are the Jews who are good at sports!”

50) Shadowofhumanity: “So… I’m gonna suck myself off and gain power for it..” (In reference to Gizel)

51) (Gizel shoots Yu-Kage)
Oberon Corp: Take one for/by the Team!

52) Amph: “Its okay we got it!”
Gizel: “Are you Sure?”
Amph: “No….”

53) Amph: “I’ve got to talk to people, are you sure you want me to do this?”

54) GM: “Demokeen are immune to Date Rape. OKAY RED?”

55) Gm: “Its a loincloth of stabilizing, it automatically heals you if you hit -1 HP”
Oliver: “But I bet its dry-clean only”

56) GM: “Not a problem? You realize you had to use a starship in personal combat?!”

57) Oliver: "I want to give Boo the title of ‘Ambassador of Peace’ "


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