The Galaxy is full of Races, some more dangerous than others, below is a list to help get you started. This List does not represent all Races, merely the ones treated as races available to PC’s. Each Races page will contain a longer list of Sub-Races, as available. Yes, I realize just how scary high that amount could reach.

Humans are made up of several Sub-species, each showing the abilty of humanity to adapt to a new place.

  • Sol Human
    – Humans born on Sol, or a planet that is considered very similiar to Sol, this is the least common sub-race of humans.
  • Planet Human
    - Humans born on a Planet of some extreme or another, forcing them to evolve in order to survive. Planet Humans are considered the Most common sub-race of humans.
  • Spacer Human
    - Humans who long ago migrated from Sol, but never stayed planetside allowing their bodies to adapt to the conditions of space.

The Union of the Red Crystal Rose

Elves are divided into two Races, each having its own further sub-races. The Elven homesystem of Siell has two planets that rotate on parallel sides of the same orbit, Light Elf races originate from one, while the Dark Elf Races come from the other.

  • High Elves
    - Light Elves who hold themselves to be the rulers of all other Elven Species. Strong in the use of Magics and its study. Considered to be the Oldest of the Light Elven races
  • Wood Elves
    - Wood Elves are the work force of the Light Elven Nation, the are more robust than their more “Noble” born brothers but tend to be less focused in the finer aspects of Magic use.
  • Drow
    -Drow are Dark Elves who believe themselves the rightful heirs of other Elven Species, of all the Dark Elf subspecies this one is the second most prolific. Having spent generation after generation underground, they have adapted and evolved to possess darkvision and innate magical spells like “globe of darkness”. Due to this evolution they also have an extreme light sensitivity, being nearly blind in direct sunlight.
  • Moon Elves
    - Moon Elves are the work force of the Dark Elven Nation, and unlike most Dark elves do not possess the normal light sensitivity from living underground or nocturnally.

Dwarves have slowly changed over the ages, instead of warring over Where to Live (underground, Mountains, Hills, etc.) they have come to war over How to Live. The Dwarven Homesystem is Gledane.

  • Shield Dwarves
    - These dwarves value the practice of strength in body and flesh, They tend to be some of the most physically tough in the galaxy. By use of old and new Forging Techniques, this sub-race builds the finest of MagiTech armor in the galaxy.
  • Axe Dwarves
    - These dwarves value the practice of strength in body and soul, They tend to make the best of the dwarven warriors and commanders. When forging in the dwarven style of MagiTech, they are the finest Weaponsmiths in the galaxy.
  • Sword Dwarves
    - These dwarves are a bit of an anomaly, Unlike other dwarves they value mind and soul. Physically not as stout as their brethren, Sword Dwarves are the most creative of their race, and have a higher understanding of Magic. They are the first of the dwarves to create the MagiTech gear that the dwarves are known for.

Shortlings confused Human explorers when first encountered, upon initial interactions most explorers assumed them to be High-G Humans. But as the two groups continued to have dealings, the differences became more and more apparent. Most Humans still struggle with finding the differences between the Shortling sub-races, but Humans alone suffer from this problem. The Shortling Homesystem is Tersbury.

  • Lightfoots
    - The “Smallest” of the already small Shortlings, Lightfoots are considered the most clever and the most nimble. They are a more nomadic culture, with a small amount of initial fear when dealing with any new person, this suspicion usually becomes curiosity if the individual proves to be no threat.
  • Heavyfoots
    - Heavyfoots are considered the most intelligent of the Shortlings. While they prefer the art of crafting and Spell Study, Heavyfoots are surprisingly useful in a fight, generations of practice with Illusion Magic have graced this subrace with innate Illusion talent and spells. Heavyfoots are fairly friendly, and are the second most commonly encountered subrace of the Shortlings.
  • Quickfingers
    - Being the most Prevalent Shortling subrace, Quickfingers have come to define all Shortlings in the eyes of most of the Union Races. Curious Tricksters with no fear of anything in the known galaxy, they also prove most untrustworthy as they tend to collect items from their adventures. The problem is the “ownership” of the item is never considered when collected. This trait has caused a large amount of distrust in most Shortlings who explore the galaxy.

The Orckin are a warlike race, working off a social hierarchy based on physical strength. When Human encountered the Orckin homeworld, instead of sitting back and only defending their homeworld, the Orckin mounted massive offensive forces and attacked the humans main ships. To this day most humans still fear the warlike tendencies of the Orckin, but respect the strength this brutes possess. The Orckin homesystem is Tolakh

  • Green Goblins
    - The most prevalent Goblin Subspecies of Orckin. Green Goblins are rather unintelligent cowardly creatures, useful mostly as bullet screens and mine clearing. Some have surprised the other Orckin subraces by exhibiting enough intellect to actually design and build advanced weaponry
  • Black Goblins
    - An uncommon Orckin offshoot, it is believed they are a genetic mutation of the Green goblins. Typically, larger and more intelligent then their green cousins, Black Goblins usually organize and lead their idiot cousins into battle. Most of the other Orckin subspecies grudgingly respect these small black creatures.
  • Green Orcs
    - The most prevalent Orc subspecies of Orckin, also the species that gives the Orckin its feared reputation. Standing about a head taller then most humans, and having green skin, Its hard to imagine that this is considered the weakest of the Larger Orckin.
  • Black Orcs
    - An uncommon Orckin offshoot, it is believed they are a genetic mutation of the Green Orcs. Typically Black Orcs make up the higher ranked members of a Orckin formation, and are almost always rulers in any Orckin Civilization. Black orcs stand a head taller than most Green Orcs, and their skin is a dark forest green, Interestingly Black Orcs are the not the most intelligent of the Orckin species.

The Coalition of United Races

The Slyvren

The Cytrox Outhive Coalition

The T’sa

The Fraal

The Grandrites

The Liandrens

The Okulan

The Vios

The Independents

The Saurons

The Armand

The Kalashaar

The Harassef

The Tenkuru

The Neykar

The Kaor-Teen

The Beastkin are odd mixtures of animal like humanoids who all come from the same system.

The Uncommon and Rare

The Hive minded Valcrawn

  • Drone
  • Worker

The Elemental Genasi

  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Water

The Half-Races

  • Half-Elf
  • Half-Dwarf
  • Half-Orc
  • Half-Fraal
  • Aasimer
  • Tiefling

The Celestial Angelkeen

The Demonic Demokeen


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