Welcome to Rekuna Dreams!

Rekuna Dreams is a homebrew game setting that uses almost all d20 OGL books, the heaviest focus being on d20 modern and its supplements, but allowing all material still. We make allowances for most Races, or Classes as long as it can be adapted to the game feel we are trying to achieve.

The Goal of this wiki is not to build a Campaign Specific Wiki of the game thats being run, but to build a Sandbox Setting Wiki that is used in Different Campaigns, allowing for multiple approaches to playing the same Universe.

The first campaign focuses on Oberon Corp. and its main creators Amph’atall and Gizel Tirel, the current CEO’s, and the various crew they hire to run missions.

The Second campaign focuses on the Darksider crew of the Dragons Breath, Led by Captain Venta Bloodclaw. The Story is about the oddities of the Darksiders and the operations they run and encounter… and showcases that sometimes evil the bad guys can be doing the Universe some good. (albeit in a morally-loose fashion)

~~Extra Info/Home Rules that need to be Stated~~

  • When reading character Stat lines and the like, please realize this campaign is run rather High Powered in all aspects. Good (as decided by GM) PC’s are built using 35pts on the Point Buy System, Evil (as decided by GM) PC’s are built using 32pts on the Point Buy System, PNPC’s are built using 28-32pts on the Point Buy System, and most other Non-Combat NPC’s are built using 25-28pts on the Point Buy System. Combat NPC’s (enemies) are built entirely how they need to be, regardless of Points and such, this is the reason for the High-Powered builds.

  • In this settings design, the players should always feel like they are the Most Powerful beings that keep getting knocked back down. The intention was not to Overpower the entire game, but rather show how being built overpowered can always be controlled…. (As such, always avoid Nikdan III). In game the goal was to show how bleak the future could be, a future where even hero’s get the crap knocked out of them.

  • Wealth and the Wealth Bonus works slightly different in Rekuna Dreams, Characters have a score for both…
  • The Wealth Bonus system (from d20 modern) is primarily used for wholesale (i.e. Cargo, mass production…) purchasing, Large Value item (i.e. star ships, vehicles, mecha, Buildings…) purchasing, and Business Transactions/High Dollar situations (i.e. anything appropriate but not covered by the two categories above).

  • Where as Wealth (or Credits – ϵ) is used in Small Item or Equipment purchases (i.e. Weapons, Armor, Odd Gear, Cybernetics…). Characters are also usually paid in ϵ for the missions they work, or any items sold.

  • And When dealing in less scrupulous markets, Gold Coin (GC) is used in Small item or Equipment purchases. Gold Coin is often considered a Black Marketers money system in normal trade Space, as such when buying from a Reputable seller and using Gold Coin double all item costs, But when buying in a Black Market situation costs may be reduced by a max of 50% of normal value based on Rarity, Want, and Legal status of the item (Highly Illegal Rare weapons are rarely reduced in price, even in the black market…). Since there are no real mints, any character may “make” gold coins by buying actual Gold in quantity and “minting” it themselves into a coin. (In other words, there is no real way to fake gold coin, as long as its Gold its considered real).

  • In Rekuna Dreams, Information is the most powerful weapon, knowing the truth about a given subject can be deadlier than a Nuclear Bomb. At times things wont always make sense initially, a final piece to how this campaign is presented is that a large amount of it will be in “perspective” or What is Believed by the General Masses. That means sometimes the primary information given will have issues with secondary information, this is usually done on purpose.

I do hope you enjoy your time spent here in Rekuna Dreams!
If you find anything interesting, wish to use something from this wiki, or just wish to comment, Please Message Talmeth